Sazeh is a privately owned independent engineering, contracting joint stock company founded in 1970. Sazeh together with its subsidiary companies are active in a wide range of industrial and urban projects.

Over 40 years Sazeh has grown to become a premier engineering contractor with excellent performance record.

We place particular emphasis on experience, reliability and quality of our services and are committed to understand the requirements of our clients to achieve high quality products within project schedule and budget.

Sazeh executes EPC projects and has the ability to integrate engineering, procurement and construction to deliver an overall plant.

Sazeh Group headquarter is located in Tehran, Iran.

Sazeh Group has over 3300 personnel working on a wide variety of engineering, construction and fabrication projects.

Sazeh is an ISO 9001:2008 Company.


Please visit our main site: https://sazeh.co


Main activities include:

Oil and Gas Production
Gas Processing
Petroleum Refining
Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities
Petrochemical and Chemical Plants
Power Generation and Transmission
Industrial Plants
Pulp and Paper / Agro Industry

مهندسان مشاور سازه

اكتشاف و استخراج نفت و گاز
مهندسی نفت و گاز و پتروشیمی
تأسیسات بالادستی و رو زمینی نفت و گاز
مدیریت پروژه
تولید ، توزیع و انتقال نیرو
خدمات برنامه ریزی و اقتصاد
خدمات برنامه‌ریزی آموزشی و توسعه منابع انسانی
صنایع سلولزی، شیمیایی، تبدیلی و تكمیلی كشاورزی ، نساجی و پلیمری