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Sazeh Electronic City (SeCity) as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system of Sazeh Consultants is a suite of integrated applications to manage the required business processes and regulatory compliance of the organization with an effective planning based on standards.

SeCity software is a computerized approach of business management that models processes, flow of information, procedures, relationship between operations, activities, and products to provide real time management with insight into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

SeCity software typically consists of multiple enterprise software modules that can help the organization’s managers monitor and manage the supply chain, engineering and specialized services, procurement, warehouse inventory, financial and administrative affairs, projects, human resources, and other critical components of the business through a series of interconnected dashboards.

In order for an ERP software implementation to be successful, it needs to be integrated with other software systems used in the organization.

SeCity modules are classified as follows:

  • Human Resources:
    Creating and maintaining a comprehensive database of the personnel to ensure the optimum use of all personnel
  • Project Management:
    Automating and integrating the knowledge areas of project management based on PMBOK guide and standards with the help of developed applications in this regard to meet a more efficient control of the work progress
  • Engineering:
    Simplifying the implementation of some activities in various engineering fields to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and performance
  • Procurement:
    Automating the processes of material supply, inspection, logistics, and material delivery to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and performance
  • Construction Management:
    Automating the processes of constructing and installing the executive sites to improve accuracy, efficiency, and performance and control the work progress
  • Administration and Finance:
    Automating the financial and administrative affairs of the organization to gain a real insight of the operations and financial status of the organization
  • Quality:
    Automating the processes associated with the quality assurance standards and guidelines of the organization to ensure the correct execution of these processes
  • General:
    It includes the main portal of the organization

The advantages of SeCity deployment for the organization are as follows:

  • Knowledge management and knowledge reusing
  • Data integration in all aspects of the organization (organizational - project) and removing redundancy
  • Prevention of work interference and reworking
  • Feasibility of monitoring the activities for the organization’s managers in order to identify and remove bottlenecks
  • Development of organizational standards to assure the organizational coordination