Korpedje Gas Treatment Facilities

Project Details
National Iranian Oil Company
Project Location:
Korpedje, Turkmenistan
Areas of Activity:
Gas Processing
Services Performed:
Engineering, Procurement Services, Construction Supervision
Project Status:
Completed and in Operation


The project comprises of a grass root natural gas treatment plant built in west of Turkmenistan. The plant design capacity is 26 MMSCM of sales gas and extraction of 2600 SCM of stabilized condensate per day as its output. The sales gas is planned to be transmitted to Iran and the condensate is envisaged to be used inside Turkmenistan. Both sales gas and condensate will be delivered at the plant battery limits. In addition, two metering stations for custody transfer of natural gas, comprising 4 meter runs (3 operating and one spare) with 9 MMSCM/D capacity per each meter run, is also included in this project.