About Us


Sazeh Consultants is quite conscious about the importance of health, safety, and the environment in all of its activities and services and has adopted policies to reflect this.

We have an excellent record of safety and accident prevention during more than 35 years of professional practice.  This is due to the implementation of comprehensive safety procedures which are supported and enforced by the company management.

The health and safety policy statement of the company is set to:

  • Safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of all employees and others who may be affected by the work.
  • Provide safe working environment.
  • Train personnel in safe working methods and practices.
  • Provide adequate accident preventive measures and first aid support at work.
  • Minimize the lost time at work.
  • Provide and operate all plant and construction equipment in a safe manner at all times.
  • Provide safe services, designs, and products.

The core of our philosophy towards the environment is based on preventive measures (rather than curative measures) to prevent and mitigate the environmental impact. Our Environmental Quality Management Program (EQMP) is in force at all company levels and operations.

Sazeh EQMP requires:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines required by relevant authorities having jurisdiction on environmental protection issues such as Department of the Environment (DOE)
  • Minimizing the emissions and waste by applying the environmental friendly technologies and processes, proper engineering design practice, and utilization of appropriate materials
  • Implementation of energy conservation methods
  • Raising the awareness of employees to environmental issues by the purpose of information, instructions, education, and supervision
  • Raising the awareness of clients to environmental issues by the purpose of information and education