South Pars Gas Field Phases 4&5 Decks & Ancillaries of Platforms SPD-5&6

Project Details
Doris Engineering, ODE
Project Location:
Persian Gulf
2x12,000 MMSCMD
Areas of Activity:
Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities
Services Performed:
Doris Engineering, ODE
Project Status:
Completed and in Operation


South Pars Field is located offshore, some 100 km south west of Assaluyeh, Persian Gulf, Iran.
The offshore development consists of two identical wellhead platforms, SPD5 and SPD6, 15 slots each, corresponding respectively to phases 4 and 5 of field exploitation.
The platforms are located in about 60 m depth water and are spaced about 10 km apart.
Each platform is connected to the shore treating plant with a 32” sea line, 110 km long, for transferring the produced gas and condensate.
Each platform has been designed for the maximum capacity of 1200 MMSCFD, although the planned production rate has been set for 1000 MMSCFD of equivalent well fluid (on a dry basis).
The platforms are unmanned and personnel will come on board by boat or helicopter on a temporary basis only for maintenance and/or test operation.
The platforms shall mainly separate the produced and condensed water from the fluid coming from wells. The main aim of the topside process facilities is to separate as much as possible the free water from the produced fluids and hence reducing the corrosiveness of the exported hydrocarbon stream (gas and condensate) prior to transferring into the 32” sea line to onshore.
Each wellhead platform will be connected to a remote flare support platform via an intermediate bridge support platform and two 80 m long access bridges.
The fixed ends of the bridges will be on the wellhead and remote flare support platforms, with the free ends on the intermediate bridge support platform.