LDPE Plant of Marun Petrochemical Complex

Project Details
Laleh Petrochemical Company
Project Location:
Bandar Imam, Iran
300,000 TPA
Areas of Activity:
Petrochemical and Chemical Plants
Services Performed:
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
DSM/Stamicarbon BV
Project Status:
Completed and in Operation


This project is the first Sazeh Consultants Company major EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services) project. Owner was the intended joint venture company between National Petrochemical Company (NPC) of Iran, DSM Polyethylenes (DSM) of the Netherlands and Poushineh Polymers Industries Group (PPIG) of Iran as the intended shareholders, to be established to build, operate and own the LDPE plant.

Marun Petrochemical Company (MPC) has entered to an EPC contract with Lurgi Oel Gas Chemie GmbH and Sazeh Consultants.

Owner has entered into a license agreement with Stamicarbon bv as Licensor.

This plant is equipped with Clean Tubular Reactor (CTR) technology process by means of high pressure polymerization.

  • The plant consists of buildings as follows:
    • Control building
    • Main substation
    • Secondary substation
    • Chemical house
    • Peroxide building
    • Initiator building
    • Analyzer house # 1
    • Analyzer house # 2 
  • Long lead equipment of early start work agreement is as follows:
    • Reactor and HP component package
    • Booster/primary and secondary compressors
    • Main and master batch extruder
  • Other offshore long lead equipment is as follows:
    • Pneumatic conveying system
    • Blending, off spec., And storage silos
    • DCS system
    • ESD / STS system
    • Reactor hot water pumps
    • Chilled water unit
    • MV/ LV switchgears
    • HV transformers 
  • Reactant pressure increasing sequence is as follows :
    • In the booster part of primary compressor : 2 bar to about 22 bar
    • In primary compressor : 22 bar to about 250 bar
    • In secondary compressor : From about 250 bars to about 2800 bar
  • Some of major quantities are as follows:
    • Weight of offshore equipment: About 7000 tons
    • Weight of on shore equipment: About 41 tons
    • Weight of piping: About 2000 tons
    •  Weight of cables: About 525 tons
    •  Weight of steel structure: About 1000 tons
  • Sazeh scope of supply (procurement services) is as follows:
    •  HVAC equipment
    •  Steel structure
    • 10 Nos. pressure vessels and 1 No tank
    • Transformers (6/4 KV)
    • Pipe support
    • Insulation for piping and equipment 
    • Paint for piping, structure and equipment
    • Fire fighting and safety (such as hydrants, monitors, extinguishers)
    • Electrical cable ladders and trays and glands
    • Earthing material
    • Cathodic protection material
    • Instrumentation cable trays, conduits