Cattle Feed Plant, Debal-Khazai Unit

Project Details
Sugar Cane Development Company
Project Location:
Khuzestan Province, Iran
100,000 TPA
Areas of Activity:
Pulp & Paper / Argo Industry
Services Performed:
Procurement, Construction
Project Status:
In Progress


This plant is designed to produce 100,000 Ton per year of Cattle Feed from raw pith, molasses, grains and additives.

The pith is transported from depithing station in the paper factory to the Animal Feed Plant to be treated in 6 pressure vessels called “Hydrolizers” with 350 C superheat steam under 450 PSIG pressure. After treatment, the STP is discharged through cyclones and transported by conveyors to the drying unit to be fed through a rotating valve and pneumatic system.

In order for the feed to be pelleted, the STP must be dried from 50% humidity to the range of 10-12%. The dried pith is taken out from the cyclone using a rotating valve feeding it to a pneumatic system that transports the dried STP to the mixing and pelleting station.

The mixing system is designed to provide the adequate mixture of the STP, which is the main component in weight with other ingredients in order to obtain the desired nutrient requirements. The final mixture is then sent to the pelletizer and then cooled through huge coolers, before being sent to the storage bunkers.