Air Separation and Compressed Air Plant (Mobin)

Project Details
Mobin Petrochemical Company
Project Location:
Bandar Assaluyeh, Iran
Oxygen:2x42,000 Nm3/h, Nitrogen:2x12,000 Nm3/h
Areas of Activity:
Petrochemical and Chemical Plants
Services Performed:
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Linde AG
Linde AG
Project Status:
Completed and in Operation


The Air Separation and Compressed Air Plant is comprised of two separate plants and is intended to serve oxygen, nitrogen, instrument air, and service air for the Utilities Complex of Mobin Petrochemical Company in Bandar Assaluyeh.

A)  Oxygen and Nitrogen Generation Plant:

This plant consists of two trains with extra main and booster compressors as standby for both trains and an additional expansion turbine for each train.

Clean air is separated into oxygen and nitrogen inside the Cold Box modules by lowering its temperature to about 196 degrees C below zero.

Each train has a capacity of:

  • High Pressure (29 bars) Gaseous Oxygen: 42,000 Nm3/hr
  • Medium Pressure (10 bars) Gaseous Oxygen: 42,000 Nm3/hr
  • Liquid Oxygen: 100 Nm3/hr
  • Gaseous Nitrogen (10 bars): 12,000 Nm3/hr
  • Liquid Nitrogen: 50 Nm3/hr

B)   Compressed Air Plant:

This plant produces instrument and service air with following capacity:

  • Instrument Air (10 bars): 22,000 Nm3/hr
  • Service Air (10 bars): 8,500 Nm3/hr