Abadan Refinery Expansion

Project Details
National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction
Project Location:
Abadan, Iran
70,000 BBLD, 25,000 BBLD
Technical Category:
Petroleum Refining
Services Performed:
Engineering, Procurement Services
Nargan, TPL, ABB Lummus
Project Status:
Completed and in Operation

The project is comprised of renovation of existing crude and vacuum distillation units and a number of grass root units. The renovation of the crude & vacuum distillation units has now been stopped and the Project now comprises of the following grass root units and ancillary facilities:
        • Two Atmospheric Crude Distillation Units each with a capacity of 180,000 BPSD.
        • Two Vacuum Distillation Units each with a capacity as required by handling the atmospheric residue from Atmospheric Crude Distillation Units.
        • One Kerosene/Gas Oil Hydro Desulphurizer with a capacity of 70,000 BPSD (HDS).
        • One C5/C6 Hydrotreater/Isomerization Unit with a capacity of 20,000 BPSD (HDT/Isom).
        • One Hydrogen Producing Unit with a capacity of 35500 Nm3/Hour.
        • One Sour Gas Treating Units with ample capacity to handle the sour gas from the above units.
        • One Sour Water Stripper Unit to handle the sour water produced in the above units.
        • One Sulphur Recovery Unit capable of handling the gases from Sour Gas Treating Unit  and Sour Water Stripper Unit.
        • One Cooling Tower to provide the above units together with a number of existing refinery units with their required cooling water.
        • One Nitrogen Producing Unit to meet the requirements of the above units and the other units in the Abadan Refinery.
        • Waste Water Treating Units for treating the industrial and sanitary wastewater of Abadan Refinery.
        • Provision of fire fighting facilities as required for the above facilities.
        • Flare System to serve the above units.
        • Tankage and pumping facilities as required serving the HDS and HDT/Isom units.
        • Control buildings, substations, analyzer houses and any other buildings required to serve the above units.